Tuesday, March 9, 2010

67. all you need is a piece of paper, a pencil and a desire to make architecture

Architect Raimund Abraham, widely known as an inspiring educator among architects and former students fortunate to have been taught by him, was killed in a car crash in downtown Los Angeles early Thursday morning.[March 3, 2010]

"Earlier in the evening Raimund delivered a powerful lecture at SCI-Arc, re-stating his enduring love for architecture and his willingness to fight for the design discourse as he defined it," reported Eric Owen Moss.

Below are a few statements from that lecture:

R.I.P Raimund Abraham 1933-2010

  • architecture does not have to be built; it can be written, it can be drawn, it can put in model form
  • what happens when you build, you enter a domain which forces you to defend your ideas against unlimited number of hostile forces
  • When I talk about providing an alternative way to making architecture, what I means is you don't have to be a slave in a corporate office, or a groupie of a celebrity architect because all you need is a piece of paper a pencil and a desire to make architecture