Thursday, June 23, 2011

78. What is Architecture? (Part 3)

Here is an obvious part in this series that just did not occur to me for some strange reason. Thanks to Jody Brown, here it is:
  • Architecture (noun): the memory of that which could have been, that is invoked by the residual form remaining after extensive value engineering.

  • Architecture (noun): Public disinterest derived from a combination of self importance and greed.
  • Architecture (noun): The compromise arrived at by the client and the designers after the president of the firm and the client played golf yesterday.
  • Architecture (noun): The hard metallic other shell surrounding confused school children pointing at the large early period Calder mobile hanging from the ceiling.
  • Architecture (noun): The space between 4 or more glass walls, wherein wealthy people shower.
  • Architecture (noun): The homes that hipsters admire.
  • Architecture (noun): Structure approved by banks.
  • Architecture (noun): The touch, the feel of titanium. The fabric of our lives.
  • Architecture (noun): creativity plus financing minus creativity
  • Architecture (noun): The solid form of angst

What do you think? Am I getting close?

Jody Brown

Jody Brown is an Architect running INFILL, pllc. in Durham, NC. He's drinking coffee with someone at a coffee shop near you. He's that geeky guy over in the corner yammering on about Le Corbusier. Nice glasses though...

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