Sunday, February 20, 2011

73. Work for Rem

If you have been following this blog for any period of time you may have noticed several reoccurring patterns in my posts. One of which is my not so subtle insistence on working for a famous architect as seen for example in post number 5, titled Work for a Famous Architect. If that didn't do it for you I reenforced it here and  here.

So when I saw this poster in Metropolis magazine a few weeks ago I thought it would be a good opportunity to do it again.

However, in this post I will let Metropolis editor Paul Makovsky do it for you in a well illustrated poster. But this time we get a little more specific. Working for any ol' famous architect is definitely going in the right direction but working for Rem is well...the next best thing to a guarantee.

This poster, by virtue of showing the staggering amount of star-riffic practices OMA has produced is impressive. Whats even more impressive is that the list was incomplete, since it is  missing a few including Space Group in Oslo, DnA in China and the appropriately named Rotterdam based STAR architects. Yes! they did name themselves star-architects.

CORRECTION: We received word that the office is actually called: STAR strategies + architecture or STAR for short. Still a very impressive name.

The other lesson in this poster that I have pointed to in this blog is that you should marry an architect, for example in post number 24  Marry an Architect. You will notice that a few of these startups are married couples or partners who have met while working at OMA.

So the big lesson of this post is?: Go get a job at OMA and when you are there find a nice girl or guy (depending on your sexual preference), get married and start a firm together. 
It's as simple as that.

This is the overview, [click on image to see larger]

key  [click on image to see larger]

First Generation  [click on image to see larger]

Second Generation  [click on image to see larger]