Friday, May 9, 2008

50. chill out on your famous/oeidopus complex

Dear Cat,

No personal offence taken.

I am just very happy to get feedback.

Actually, your comment falls into the most common category of responses to this blog.
I think that most people believe fame is something that comes to those who work hard, do good design, are talented and have a bit of luck.
In my experience this is true but missing a very critical ingredient.
That ingredient is called "working on cultivating fame for yourself"

I wished we lived in a great meritocracy where architects are recognized purely on the basis of their work, but this is just not reality. Once in a blue moon a lucky chap will win a competition and get instant recognition. But if he/she does not cultivate their fame they will loose it. For the rest of us, its a goal that is cultivated and worked on over a lifetime like any other career path.

My hopes with this blog is to open people up to this idea. Fame is an achievable goal that must be tampered with talent, work, a bit of luck, etc, etc,. To focus on fame alone is just as bad as focusing on hard work alone. Haven't you heard the saying "Hard work and no Fame makes Jack a dull boy"

If I seem a wee bit obsessed with fame...well... that's just because I am! (genealogists have proven that I share a common ancestor with both Paris Hilton and Philip Johnson) It's also because this blog is just about this one aspect of the big picture. I don't wish to tell you how to design, or how hard to work, I leave that up to you. That's another blog.

I am not worried about being perceived as fame hungry because I don't talk about fame with other people as much as I write about it. I don't even tell people I write or read this blog and neither should you. See my post on how to read this blog.

Anyway, please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or comments.

Best Regards

Conrad Newel

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Name: cat

i think you need to chill out on your famous/oeidopus complex
(cant spell, sorry).

its distrubeing, and though amusing..
ultimatley you will be perceived as the
one that wanted to be famous,
rather than the one who worked hard enough to
become famous.

nothing personal.

Date/Time: 2008-05-06 09:36:19 PDT


Architectural Design Laboratory said...

wow, a post dedicated to defending your blog? i wanted my weekly dose of "becoming a famous architect" !

for every one of those people that are "disturbed" by your blog (they shouldn't read it then...) there are 100 of us who appreciate what you write, show, and tell. so keep up the good work!

hidetomy said...

keep up the good work,

Anonymous said...

or maybe they're just throwing bricks?

Anonymous said...


Your blog is great.

And as for wanting to become famous (in architecture) should not be frowned upon - if - it promotes architecture, debate and value.

Keep up the good work,

Anonymous reader

Amoreluce said...

... definitely throwing bricks!

More power


Anonymous said...

I love this blog but the number of times the word "lose" has been misspelled is really irritating. Do you do that on purpose?

Conrad Newel said...

Thanks for the comments people.

Sorry about the Loos/Lose mix up.

Evidently, my mastery of the finer points of the English language has a bit of a way to go.

Now I have the week-end task of going through the blog and correcting all the errors.