Thursday, December 11, 2014

101. Diller Scofidio + Renfro and The Star-Architect Staffers Club - Part 2 - Inside the Machine

...Continued from part one Conrad and Scofidio enters "The Portfolio Construct", a division of the sophisticated project acquisition machinery behind the Diller Scofidio + Renfero Website.  In this adventure Scofidio gives Conrad a tour of the world inside the elaborate machine and reveals some of its inner workings.


John Hill said...

Conrad, I hope you know that the TWBTA facade on the ceiling of their MoMA rendering is my critique of them and MoMA demolishing the Folk Art Museum:

It's not DS+R's doing.

I couldn't tell from your comments, so I'm pointing it out here.

Conrad Newel said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the comment. I am not sure what you meant when you said it was not DS+R's doing. Can you elaborate?

Best Regards,


John Hill said...

Conrad - The basic rendering is theirs, but the Folk Art facade on the ceiling is my addition. You can find the original here and my reworking here. I hope that clarifies things. - John

Conrad Newel said...

Hi John,

Thanks for that clarification!

I hope you take the comic with a huge grain of salt.

By itself, I think the proposal of reusing the original TWBTA façade is thoughtful and compassionate gesture.

If it were coming from DS+R (which I thought it was) then I would be very suspicious of the motives, so I thought I would have a bit of fun with it.

Think about it this way.
If your friend came over to your house and brings you a birthday cake, you would naturally consider it a nice gesture. However, if the drunk driver that slaughtered a close relative came over and gave you the exact same cake it would take on a whole other meaning, wouldn't it?

I think DS+R are kind of "building slaughterers" in the case of the folk art museum. So if they were to present this gesture (thoughtful and interesting as it is) it would take on a whole other meaning.

So I am relieved to hear that it came from you and not them. 

The more serious critic though is in the previous note.

All the best,