Thursday, January 17, 2008

34. Look At Your Results & Adjust Your Approach

So from the last 2 posts you have decided what you wanted to be famous for and took some action towards it.

Did your actions take you closer or further away from your objective?

If you’re closer to your goal, keep going! Refine your process, eliminate unnecessary steps, but keep doing what you’re doing! If the actions you’ve taken have put you further from your desired result, change them!

After you’ve gone for it, though, you need to…

Look at your results

Or, as Tony Robbins puts it, “notice your result”. If your goal is to get to Paris from Australia, heading south doesn’t quite cut it, does it? Examine the results of your actions, then…

Adjust Your approach.

Just look at these two masters at work: Frank & Hillary. Hillary is not an architect but you'll get the idea alright.

Frank Gehry Knew what he wanted to be famous for: designing buildings

Starting off as a mildly successful architect but with limited commissions he knew that course was not going to lead him to fame. So he

Took action

by designing furniture constructed from laminated cardboard. He was able to experiment and be creative in ways that he could not afford to do in his architecture practice. His Easy Edges line of chairs, was featured in national magazine spreads, and the Los Angeles architect experienced an unexpected notoriety.

He was getting famous for sure, but not for designing buildings but for designing chairs. His actions were taking him closer to his goal but off target.

he looked at his results and adjusted his approached.

He soon withdrew the Easy Edge chairs from production, fearing that his popularity as a furniture designer would detract from his reputation as an architect.

Then we have Hillary Clinton. She wanted to be famous for being President of the United States.

She took action

Officially launched her campaign, raised money, wooed voters, and quickly became the national front runner in the democratic party. She saw that effort all but wiped away when her rival Senator Barak Obama won the Iowa Caucus and polls show him leading the New Hampshire primary. She took further action by attacking him publicly, questioning his experience and his main message "hope" and it made things worse; Her poll ratings went down even further in the double digits. She was becoming famous for being cold calculationg.

She looked at the results and adjusted her approach.

She cried and we all know what happened then.


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