Friday, January 25, 2008

35. B.I.O. like B.I.G.

What a fantastically marvelous time we live in; hundreds of architects vie for their 15 minuites of fame every day.

This onslaught leaves some of us bewildered -- developing effective ways to break through the deluge and rise to famousness. I, however, see this as an incredible moment. Since accomplishing this feat has become more difficult over the years, many architects do not even bother to make a serious effort, or worse yet, they do not do it at all.

What better moment could progressively-minded architects ask for?

With this tremendous moment comes a massive responsibility. When a brand concept gets through the clutter, the architect must not only uphold it at every contact with his customers, but it must also surpass that promise -- every time, by every image, by every method, by every system. Indeed, if a positive brand impression is not made at every contact, the odds of the architect's concept effectively getting through to that prospect again are greatly diminished, and what was an advantage becomes a more-difficult-than-ever undertaking.

Lets take a look at BIG.- (that short for Bjarke Ingels Group)

Using bright colors, retro futuristic fonts and icons reminesent of atari & space invaders, they create a clear & upbeat brand impression concept. The message comes through in every aspect of how they present themselves visually. The impression resonates from large buildigs right down to the little icons on their website. Look at how consistent the iconography and colors are:


web design




Check out the iconography on the T-Shirt

Give thought to every way you and your company come into contact with your prospects and customers. Do you wow them, or are you just like everyone one else? Think about the Brand Impression Opportunities (BIOs) that you have, the ones you can create, and how you can turn them from mere possibilities into positive interactions -- interactions that reverberate with your customers ... interactions that are memorable experiences ... interactions that make such an impression that your customers willingly and spontaneously tell others about you.


Anonymous said...

you also have to use all lower case text. written pages need to have lots of blank/negative space and small black type. and words and phrases need to be made up and modified or abstracted... a "digital cloud"

renderings need to look as alien and uninhabitable as possible with an emphasis on black skies.

p.s. this is probably the most awesome blog i have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

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