Sunday, February 24, 2008

39. Learn "entertainment charisma" from Frank Gehry

The funny thing about Frank Gehry and about most famous architects for that matter, is that they have a certain way of being entertaining in their own way. Even Wright, while drowning you in his hubris, had a thing about him that made you want to listen to him even if your jaw fell open at the size of his ego. Louis Kahn kind of invented his own language and presented the stupid mundane stuff that most architects worked with everyday in an engaging way. In this clip Gehry tries to down play that kind of showmanship by saying that they are just trying to make themselves seem like "the good guys". While this is certainly true it is part of their entertainment charisma. Frank can point the finger because his entertainment charisma is his dry humour and blunt frankness (no pun intended). One could argue that he too is doing this to look like one of the good guys.

The point being is you need to develop an entertainment charisma of your own that make you look good.