Sunday, March 2, 2008

40. You gotta wanna be like YOU

Do you remember that movie the mask?
Jim Carry tries on this mask and he becomes a crazy exaggeration of himself with supernatural powers. The concept of the mask is that it pulls out certain aspects of a its wearer's personality and amplifies it to the max. So if you try it on, and I tried it on, or anyone else on the planet for that matter tried it on, you would always get a different super hero.

In becoming a famous architect or famous at anything for that matter, the people who are most successful are the ones that seem to have found this secret mask. And they have kept it hidden until now. Well I have found it and I will share it with you. but don't tell anyone else.

The problem with most architects is that they want to become Le Corbusier, or Loius Kahn or Mies or whoever. So they go out and get their glasses, they trace their work, and even try to copy their mannerisms. The only way to become either of these people is to have their parents make you and even that's a long shot. If you have siblings you know what I mean.

The simple and most effective way to become famous is to desire to become"YOU-to-the-max". That right! You put on a super mask and super size the greatest thing about you. That's what the others did.

So what's the secret of the mask?

It all comes down to this. A single stupid dumb question.

You go in front of the mirror and ask:

What's great about me and how can I make this better?

I know this sound too simple, better yet, it sounds too geeky, too nerdy. In fact let me give you some advice on how to read this blog. click here

Ask this question in every aspect of your life. In your work, in your play, in the way you dress, everything.

What great about this project, how can I make it better?
Whats great about my this?
whats great about my that?
Just keep on going

This is why they call architects optimists.
If you cant do this leave architecture and do something else.

Anyway, yada yada yada, nuf'said.

Until next week, live famous and be happy.


Anonymous said...

Great Post!
-You know there is a concept in Pickup Training called "Peacocking" that is similar to your post.

And it is all about finding stuff inside you that you may not even have Been/Actualized in the past, but has always resonated in you, or you thought was cool.

I wonder if there is not a lot of the "Nail that sticks out gets pounded down." -thing going on.

Sometimes, you can get a little static here and there from one person or another about acting or looking different in Any way.

For example, quite a few businesspeople -especially those in finance- are so uptight and cloistered in the mind, that if you wore an overly cool tie with your suit, they'd look at you like you were Gary Busey riding naked through times square on an orange tricycle.